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Our Private Detective Charges on Investigating your Detective Services Problems in Mumbai, India primarily depends upon The Quality and Quantity of Private Detective Resources Mumbai and Equipment required to be deployed and most importantly the Time Required for the Execution of the Detective Services. There is generally “No Thumb Rule” charges towards doing Private Detective Services, as Detective Services vary on “Case to Case Basis”. Most importantly charges depend the Detective Services on the Risk, Geographical, Political & Religious Factors. The less the Private Detective Investigation, the higher the charges. i.e. if the Detective Services are required for 7 days the charges are Rs.5,000/- per day the Services Private will reduce to Rs.4,500/- per day if the Services is required for more than 15 days. The charges required will reduce to Rs.4,000/- if the Detective Services is to be done for more than 30 days. This is because of Under deployment of our Private Detectives which thus incurs loses to our Detective Agency. If the Assignment is for 5 days the cost is Rs.6,000/- per day, Rs.7,000. For 2 to 3 days and Rs.9,000/- will be charged for one single day.


The charges also depend on the Qualification & Experience of The Agents & Type of “The Subject" we are dealing with. i.e., for a normal Subject the Private Detective, will be Category "C" in Investigation Smart Subjects, it is Category “B” Private Detectives for a High Profile, Extra Smart, Hyper Active, etc. Subjects, it is Category "A" Private Detectives.

The charges for Category "C", Private Detectives is Rs.5,000/- Per Day (10 Hrs. duty).

The charges for Category "B", Private Detectives is Rs.6,000/- Per Day (10 Hrs. duty).

The charges for Category "A", Private Detectives is Rs.7,000/- Per Day (10 Hrs. duty).

The above charges are for Detective Services in Mumbai, India for a minimum period of 10 Days.

We recommend Private Detective Services of a minimum of 1 full week of Detective Services at a stretch and a Counter Check for 3 Hyperactive days of The Subject in the next week.

The charges are Double for Detective Services for 2 or less Days.

The charges are 50% extra, for Investigation for 6 or less, upto 3 Days.

The charges are reduced by 10%, for our Private Detective Services for 11 to 20 Days. 15% for 21 to 30 Days & 20% for beyond 30 Days of Detective Services in Mumbai, India

The Detective Services charges are for Detective Services in Mumbai between 0800 Hrs to 1800 Hrs. Overtime if any will be Double.

The Detective Services service charges in Mumbai for Detective Services on Holidays and Sundays are Double.

In case of if any Private Detective services in Mumbai, Gurgaon the charges are Double

During the Private Detective Services outside New Mumbai , if The Subject moves out of Mumbai and our Private Detectives are also required to follow, then the charges will be Double, as our Private Detectives instead of working for just 10hrs per day are out of home, for 24hrs.

The charges for equipment & expertise required for Secret Video Recording depends upon the type of equipment required which will be decided by Sharp Private Detective Agency Mumbai, is Rs.1,000/- to Rs.2,500 Per Day of the Detective Services

The Detective case once started is Non-stoppable and the amount paid is Non-Refundable.

The Sharp, Private Detective Agency Mumbai Services charges are of a sum equitant to 75% of the total charges shall be paid in advance, towards the expenses that go into the Private Detective Services

The Private Detective Services balance sum of 25% shall be paid before 50% of the Private Detective Services; The report will be given only on completion of the Detective Services and on receipt of the full payment.

In case of Detective Services Daily / Time & Time Telephonic Report on the Detective Services is required, the full amount has to be paid in advance.

Any Balance / Overtime Detective Services amount payable shall be paid before the Final Verbal Report is given.

Agents Category

The Category "A" Private Detectives are very highly skilled in Detective Services and are having long experience in Private Detective Services Investigation and drawn from the Detective Agency Mumbai, Police Forces, CBI, Army etc., They are generally deployed in very sensitive and serious Private Detective cases where Detective Agency risks are high & special investigations & Services are required

The Category "B" Private Detectives are skilled & are required having long experience in Private Detective Services in Mumbai. They are generally Private Detectives deployed in Pre & Post Marital and Employment related Detective Services in Mumbai, which may not be very sensitive and serious cases and where risks are not so high and investigations are not very specialized.

The Category “C” Private Detectives in Sharp, Detective Agency Mumbai Services are trained in Detective Services & not very highly experienced but are deployed along with our experienced Agents in Mumbai drawn from the Category “B” Private Detectives above. These Private Detectives in Detective Agency Mumbai are generally deployed in low sensitivity and less serious Private Detective cases and where highly experienced Private Detectives are not required.

Most of the Clients argue about the Private Detective Services charges being very high and thus in order to keep up with our reputation of Legacy, Services Transparency and Honesty in rendering Private Detective services in Mumbai, we will give a breakdown on our Private Detective Services Charges and the logic behind the above Private Detective Service charge.

Pre-Marital Check

A Pre-Marital check involves collection of information from the neighborhood of the Subject's residence and workplace. It also involves information on the Family and their social status, mindset, criminal/litigations background check. Collecting this information takes 3 to 4 days. We also need to put Investigation of 3 to 4 full days on the Subject right from the time the Subject departure to the office till the Subject comes back home. Thus, this Assignment takes 6 to 8 days and as a thumb rule depending upon the sensitivity of the Investigation costing around Rs. 5,000/- per day thus amounting to an amount between Rs. 35,000/- to Rs. 45,000/-. Incase any information more than the one given above is required, the charges will be extra depending upon the additional estimated number of days. Post-Marital Check

The Post Matrimonial Checks involve more Investigation work, collection of information and at times, deployment of equipments and thus the charges will depend upon the number of days work and type of equipment required.